The Dos And Don'ts Of Septic System Care


One of the most time- and money-consuming problems you can face as a homeowner is a backed-up septic system. Even if it doesn't cost you money as a renter, a malfunctioning septic system is very inconvenient. Whether it's your kitchen, toilet, or bathtub backing up or overflowing, the situation isn't good. 

To avoid any of these problems, it's essential to handle your septic system with care and adhere to a few important rules. Even though it may take you a little extra time to keep your septic system running properly, it will be worth it in the long run.

Here are some dos and don'ts for properly maintaining your septic system:

1. Stagger Dishwasher and Washing Machine Use

If you have a smaller septic system, try not to overload it with doing multiple dishwasher and washing machine loads in one day. If you have a lot of loads of laundry to do, such as after a family vacation, spread the task out over several days if you can. A typical load of laundry uses almost 50 gallons of water, which can take a toll on an overtaxed septic. 

Also, use liquid over dry powder detergent, which can build up in a septic tank and possibly create a clog over time. 

2. Avoid Flushing Unsafe Objects 

The number one way to clog up your septic tank is by flushing objects that shouldn't be flushed down your toilet. Not only can flushing these items clog your toilet, it can also cause your kitchen pipes to back up if they are connected.

Generally, only flush septic-safe toilet paper down the toilet and nothing else. Throw pads and liners in the garbage along with baby or personal wipes, which have a cloth-like texture and thickness and can easily get caught in pipes. 

Don't flush any pieces of food, such as orange peels or apple cores, down the toilet, either. 

3. Avoid Putting Sticky Foods into the Disposal 

Even though kitchen sink disposals can be very handy when you're cooking and cleaning, there are some food items that should never be put into them. Starchy foods such as pasta or rice can easily build up and get stuck in the disposal line, causing a back-up. 

Whenever you place safe food scraps down the disposal, flush them with plenty of hot water, which will keep them moving down the pipes and keep your septic system clear. For more information, contact local professionals like B & B Drain Tech Inc.


11 November 2016

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