Answering A Few Commonly Asked Questions About Cleaning The Sewer Line


Caring for your home's plumbing system can be a responsibility that is easy to overlook. However, neglecting your system can expose the home to a higher risk of suffering potentially severe plumbing issues. In particular, it can be easy for homeowners to overlook the importance of keeping their sewer line clean. To help you better appreciate this aspect of home maintenance, you will need to have an understanding about these commonly asked sewer line cleaning questions.

Is It Really Necessary To Have The Drains And Sewer Line Cleaned?

Having the sewer line cleaned may be an expense and inconvenience that you want to avoid, but it is important to note the benefits that it will provide your home. For example, it is possible for residues to start to accumulate on the interior walls of the sewer line. When this problem starts to develop, it can restrict the flow of water through the pipe. Eventually, this can become severe enough to cause the flow of water through the sewer line to become completely clogged. By having the sewer line cleaned at the first sign of slow drains, you can help to minimize the repair expenses and disruptions that can come with a clogged sewer line.

What Is The Process Of Cleaning A Sewer Line?

You may assume that cleaning a sewer line will require your yard to be excavated. However, this is not the case, as it is possible for a sewer line technician to clean this line by inserting a special device into the line. This device can clean the line in a couple of different ways. Often, it will be designed to scrape the sides of the pipe while spraying a powerful jet of water. Scraping the interior of the pipe will help to remove or loosen material that has accumulated, and the jet of water will help to remove any remaining materials.

When Should Homeowners Have This Maintenance Done?

The frequency with which you need to have this type of cleaning done can vary greatly depending on the size of the sewer line and your home's water usage habits. Luckily, it will be possible for a plumbing professional to inspect your line and water usage patterns to determine how often this should be done. In most cases, this maintenance will only be required once every few years. However, you may want to have it done yearly if you notice that your drains and toilets are experiencing performance issues, as this will often be one of the first signs of a sewer line blockage forming.

For more information and assistance with maintaining your sewer line, talk with a residential plumber company.


14 November 2016

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