Considering A Water Heater Upgrade? What To Know


If you are ready to update your water heater and you aren't sure if you should get another tank heater or if you should make the change to a modern tankless unit, talk with the plumbing contractor about the benefits of new, efficient tankless heaters. The tankless heaters are more convenient, they can give you an endless supply of hot water, and they are better for your health.

These small units can go right inside the cabinets near the sink, or wherever the demand for hot water is. They are out of sight and hidden. Here are a couple of the main reasons why you want at least one tankless water heater in your home, and how they will benefit you.

Avoid Legionnaires Disease

Legionella will grow in warm water, and warm water sits in your hot water tank until you're ready to use it. If you're still using an older water heater with a tank, you are running the risk of having this type of bacteria in your water, and contracting this terrible disease. With a tankless water heater, you won't have to worry about microorganisms just multiplying around stagnant water that is waiting to be used.

Energy Savings

The tankless water heater will help you save money in these different ways:

  • Heats water when needed, not all day
  • Heats water instantly so water doesn't get wasted waiting for it to get to the proper temperature
  • Only heats the water that is needed, doesn't heat large amounts of water at once

With these changes, you'll save significantly on your water bill and your electrical bill or gas bill, depending on if you get a gas or electric unit. You can even add more tankless heaters to get more savings. There are even geothermal hot water heating options you can look for if you want the most efficient water heater that's available.

You want to know you're drinking water that is clean and pure from your faucet, and you want to know you're doing your part to conserve water and protect the environment. There are a lot of different tankless water heater models that will be right for your home, based on the amount of water you use and how much water you need to heat at the same time. Talk with the plumbing contractors in your area to see what you can get installed at a price you can afford.


14 November 2016

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