Damaged Water Main Questions Answered


For most homes, a supply of water will require a connection to the local water system. Unfortunately, it can be relatively common for homeowners to struggle when addressing this problem because they do not have sufficient information about this problem. Having the answers to the following common questions should help provide you with a better understanding when you find yourself needing to address a damaged water main.

How Can Homeowners Know Whether Their Water Main Has Suffered Damage?

There can be a tremendous amount of water that flows through your home's water main. Due to this, one of the first signs of a problem with the system will be water seeping out of the water main and pooling on the surface of the ground. Another issue that may indicate a problem with the water main can be erosion of the soil around the damaged section of the water main. Lastly, the grass may start to grow more rapidly in the vicinity of the damage as it will be receiving far more water and nutrients from this damage.

What Are The Steps For Repairing A Damaged Water Main?

When your water main has suffered damages, it is important to have the pipe repaired as soon as it is possible. Sadly, many homeowners may delay this repair because they are worried about the conveniences involved. For example, many homeowners will want to avoid the need to have large swaths of their yard excavated to expose the water main. While this is one of the more common repair methods, it may not always be the only way to address this problem.

One of the first steps in repairing a compromised water main is to determine the location and severity of the damages. Luckily, this may not always need excavation work as it may be possible to utilize a camera that can be inserted into the pipes of your home so that it can reach the sewer line without the need to dig up much of the yard. Once the damage is located, the contractor will know whether or not excavation work will be necessary to repair the pipe. In instances where the water main has only suffered light damage, it might be possible to use the same device that provides video of the interior of the pipe to repair the damage. This is done by injecting a composite resin into the crack of the pipe. If your water main damage is too severe for this repair approach, excavating the pipe and replacing the damaged segment may be the only way to stop the damage.

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21 November 2016

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