Three Items To Think About When Developing An Outsource Resource Of Plumbers


Depending on the size of your company and the amount of homes in your area, you may have more plumbing calls than you can handle at a time. If you do not have the amount of time necessary to take on all of your calls, you can consider outsourcing to other businesses. This will permit you to take on the contract, but hire another plumber to do the job, if necessary. If you want to develop the ability to outsource, here are three things to consider before allowing any one plumbing firm under your team.

Hire them as a test

If you want to know how a plumber or plumbing firm will perform, you should hire them first yourself. Call them out to your own location or home to help perform the plumbing work as a test for the companies you are considering hiring. While the plumbing company is there, take note of how effectively they perform the work, how they communicate with you as the customer, and how trustworthy you feel they behave. Seeing a plumbing company in action is the most effective method for selecting who you will choose to outsource future plumbing jobs. 

Set a standard rate

Even if you get paid different rates for plumbing contracts, you should have a standard set rate for the companies that you sub-contract to. This way it is easy for you to pay out the invoice of the other plumbing company at the end of the month. It also allows for you to quickly determine if a contract is worth taking on, the sub-contracting or if it is a job that you should do directly through your company. A set rate depending on the type of job will allow you to do "quick and dirty" math on the fly to figure out your financials. 

Come up with a code of conduct

Every business does not conduct itself in the same manner. Some are more professional while others are more relaxed. All plumbing firms that you bring on to contact under you will need to operate in the same manner that you do for your firm. This way, you know that everyone you perform plumbing work for will have the same type of experience. Having the same experience is crucial, as consistency is one of the reasons that consumers continuously use one company for all their problems. Draw up a code of conduct for how all sub-contracting plumbers will behave and answer questions while they are on plumbing jobs for you. Contact a company like Reeves Plumbing & Heating to learn more.


27 November 2016

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