3 Ways To Protect Your Business From Flooding


When a flood occurs, the danger from it is not limited to just your home. Your business could also be at risk. Therefore, it is important that you take steps now to protect your business from flooding. Here are some ways you can.  

Assess Your Risk

The first step in protecting your business from a flood is learning what your risk level is. Once you know, you can take the necessary protective actions. Ideally, you should have your business professionally assessed by an expert.  

An expert can help pinpoint the potential cause of the flooding, such as a river or groundwater flood. He or she can determine whether or not you need additional insurance protection. The expert can also help identify any vulnerable areas in your business that could result in the damage being far more significant than it could be.  

Create a Preparedness Team

Protecting your business from a flood is not a one-time occurrence. You and your staff need to work on a year-round basis to keep your business and products safe. Preparation can take time and effort, which means it will be difficult for you to take on the task by yourself.  

Since both you and your employees are vested in keeping your business operational, involve them in helping to prepare for flooding. Create a team of employees who can be in charge of various aspects of safeguarding your business, such as creating a disaster recovery plan.  

Implement Changes to Your Plumbing

One of the unfortunate consequences of flooding is that the sewer and floodwater tends to back up through the plumbing lines. Instead of just dealing with floodwaters, you could be faced with cleaning sewage from the interior of your business.  

Changes to your plumbing can help avoid this though. For instance, your commercial plumber can install backflow valves on the toilet. The valves will keep the floodwaters and sewage from flowing back into your business through the toilet.  

If your business has a basement, the plumber can also install a sump pump to help remove water before it can cause extensive damage in your business. Consider installing a battery-powered sump pump to ensure that it still functions even if the electricity fails.  

Rely on professionals, such as the plumber, to identify other ways that you can protect your business from flood damage. Some protections are specific to your business based on your location and the climate, so get an assessment of your needs immediately.


30 November 2016

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