It Came Upon A Midnight Clear: Ruptured Frozen Pipes And You


Ruptured frozen pipes in the middle of the night is no laughing matter. They create an absolute mess in your basement, and they need to be replaced immediately. While this is a major expense and a major inconvenience for you, it is the perfect time to call 24-hour emergency plumbing services. Here is what this whole ordeal looks like:

It Starts with a Very Cold Winter Night and a Small BOOM

In order for your pipes to freeze, it has to be very cold. Your furnace has to be out, or your home's temperature has to be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. (Keeping the heat on and above 50 degrees prevents the pipes from freezing.) Within a few hours of these conditions occurring, your pipes will freeze solid. If you are home, you may suddenly hear a rumble and a boom, followed by the sound of something hitting concrete, like a heavy rain. When you crawl out from under your blankets and covers to investigate, you will see pipes hanging from the ceiling of your basement and water everywhere. (It can happen to your bathroom and kitchen pipes too, but these tend to be a little more insulated against the cold than those in your basement.)

You Have Ten Minutes to Call an Emergency Plumber

You have ten minutes to locate and call an emergency plumber. If the water is rapidly shooting from the burst pipes, you will need to act quickly. Because the plumber may be unable to reach you for at least twenty minutes, he/she can instruct you on what to do next until he/she arrives. Usually, the plumber will instruct you to look for a water valve and turn it off until he/she can get to you. Otherwise, you will experience flooding and water damage. 

On the other hand, if the burst pipes are blocked by ice and the water is just trickling out, two things may happen. One, there is another section of pipe farther back that could burst at any second and the water is building up back there. Two, the pipes are done and you can catch the trickle in a bucket. The first situation is out of your control and needs a plumber, but the second situation you can do on your own until the plumber arrives.

When the Plumber Arrives

Expect to be up and awake for at least an hour, possibly two or three depending on the extent of the damage. If this happens at midnight, you may want to call into work the next day. If it happens at two, three, four or later in the morning, you may be sleepy but functional. At any rate, the plumber will work as quickly as possible to remove the damaged pipes, install new pipes, insulate the pipes and remove ice blockages. Until the heat in your home is restored or brought up to a certain temperature, you will not be able to turn your water back on.


30 November 2016

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