Renting Out Your Home? Make Sure Your New Tenants Know These Basics Of Plumbing Maintenance


Home rentals are a lucrative way to maximize on your investment while retaining your property for later use. However, it is important to be clear about household maintenance to keep your rental property from becoming a major money sink. Plumbing issues can quickly become a major maintenance headache, since it only takes a small amount of water to lead to structural damage. Before you hand your new tenants the keys, make sure to cover these basics of plumbing care and maintenance.

Improperly Using the Garbage Disposal

After living in an apartment without a garbage disposal, new renters are often excited about this convenient addition to your kitchen. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that disposals are not designed to handle every kind of trash. Potato peels, fruit rinds, and large seeds are just a few of the things plumbers find during garbage disposal calls. Give your tenants a list of items that are prohibited from going down the disposable so that they know to put them in the regular trash.

Weighing Down Fixtures

Shower racks and sink holders may seem like convenient storage options for staying organized. However, it only takes a couple shampoo bottles to place too much weight on the shower fixtures. Remind your renters that weighing down fixtures will cause them to break off and lead to a need for repairs. Instead, install shelving near and in your wet areas so that your tenants have a safe place to store their personal property.

Failing to Winterize

Apartment living meant that your new tenants probably had to do little more than leave their sinks dripping during the first winter freeze. Now, they may need to think about wrapping pipes and blowing out their sprinkler system. Give your new tenants a guide to winterization, or arrange for a service to do it for them. Additionally, make sure they know how to shut off the water in the event of a burst pipe.

In an ideal world, every tenant would treat your home with as much care as if it was their own property. However, most plumbing issues arise due to ignorance regarding home maintenance rather than a lack of care. Educate your new tenants about how to keep the pipes and fixtures in top condition and consider arranging for regular inspections to ensure minor problems are repaired before the turn into major damage so that you can know your property is always receiving proper care. Click here for info on other regular plumbing maintenance that your tenants should be doing.


30 November 2016

Home Remedies for Plumbing Problems

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