Why Your Toilet Is Leaking—And What You Can Do To Fix It


If you constantly find moisture around your toilet, you probably have a leaky toilet on your hands. Check out some of the most common reasons your toilet is leaking and what you can do to fix them.

1. Your Wax Ring Needs to Be Replaced

The wax ring seals the connection between your toilet and its drain; it also prevents the formation of mold around the drain and the accumulation of bacteria. Over time, the wax ring can lose its sealing ability, allowing moisture to seep through the ring and onto your bathroom floor. When this happens, replace the wax ring with a new one. The toilet needs to be removed to replace the wax ring, so you may prefer to call in a professional.

If you are comfortable tackling the task yourself, cut off your water supply and remove the toilet. Then, pry the old wax ring up, making sure to remove any remaining wax from your toilet. Press the new wax ring into place over the drain, and reinstall your toilet.

2. You Have a Crack in Your Toilet

If there is a crack anywhere in your toilet, this causes water to leak out. Common places for cracks to arise are the toilet's tank or bowl.

Small, hairline cracks are fixable with a a bit of plumbing epoxy and a caulking gun, and cracks that are only visible on one side of the toilet can be fixed. However, if the crack is large or you can see it on both the interior and exterior of the toilet, it is better to replace the entire commode.

To seal the crack, you must disconnect the water supply and completely dry the toilet. Apply the epoxy using a caulking gun, and spread it using a putty knife. Let it dry for 24 hours before reconnecting the water supply and checking your handiwork.

3. The Pipe that Connects to the Toilet Is Rusty

The pipe that connects to your toilet can become rusty and corroded, causing water to leak on to your floor. Replacing the pipe should take care of the leak.

To replace the pipe, it is necessary to shut the water off, remove the toilet, remove the flange, cut into the flooring, and adjust the pipe so that it fits your toilet. Adjusting the pipe involves cutting it and maneuvering the bends. Due to the complexity of this task, it is best for homeowners with little plumbing knowledge to outsource the job to a plumbing company.


12 December 2016

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