Insulating Your Pipes For Winter: How Plumbing Services Handle It


If you are heading away from the arctic winds and the blowing snow this year, do not leave without insulating your pipes. Check first to make sure your plumbing has adequate insulation. If you are not sure what to look for, hire a plumber. These types of plumbing services will be handled in the following way.

Examining the Pipes

All of your pipes that run close to the foundation or run out of the house need to be closely examined. It is these pipes that are most likely to freeze because they are closest to the frozen ground or frozen air outside. Outside spigots for garden hoses are the most at risk, since water that is still in the pipes behind the spigots can freeze and damage the pipes. The plumber will find all the at-risk pipes first and check them for insulation and the proper thickness of insulation materials.

Heating Pipes That Are in Danger of Bursting

If, in the course of the initial inspection, your plumber notices that there are some pipes that are already starting to freeze, he/she may try some different approaches to thaw out the pipes. This may include applying heat packs or heating the pipes slowly so that the frozen water in them begins to flow freely and the pipes do not rupture from too much heat too quickly. As soon as it is determined that these pipes are now free of ice blockages, they will be wrapped with insulation to prevent a re-freezing.

Insulating the Uninsulated

Next, the plumber will cut thick rubber tubing or slices of insulation with metal backing and use that to wrap around the uninsulated pipes. Tape or metal clamps are used to secure the insulation in place and keep it from falling off. If old insulation material is falling off, it will be removed and replaced with fresh insulation materials.

Adding More Insulation to the Already Insulated

If the insulation on some of your pipes is really old, it may be replaced entirely. Otherwise, the plumber may add new layers of insulation to the old insulation to double up the effects of the existing insulation. This ensures that your pipes are adequately covered and will not freeze.

Sealing Leaks and Replacing Worn out Pipe

Leaking pipes are in danger of becoming burst pipes because the water has already found an exit point. A plumber like R Acres Plumbing Company LLC will locate any leaking pipes and seal the leaks or replace the pipes. Additionally, if there are any worn out pipes that show weak areas in the metal, these pipes will be replaced as well.


15 December 2016

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