Common Problems Well Pumps Might Experience


Water well pumps are devices that face near constant use. This extensive use can lead to these devices experiencing some issues that could cause disruptions for your house. To be prepared to limit the disruptions that these problems might cause, you will want to ensure you are thoroughly informed about several of the problems that well pumps will be more likely to experience.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a common problem for older well systems. There are a number of problems that can create low water pressure. The well running low can be a common source of this problem, and if there has been a lack of rain in recent weeks, this may explain this problem. You may be able to correct this issue through having the well drilled deeper.

Mechanical problems with the pump can also cause the water pressure to decrease. This occurs because it might not be able to generate enough pressure to pump a suitable amount of water to your house. Having the pump professionally services might correct the low pressure by improving the performance of the pump.  

Orange Or Red Colored Water

One day, you might turn on the faucet and notice that the water coming from it is discolored. When this discoloration is red or orange, it may be attributed to there being excessive iron in the water supply. As the iron rusts, it will turn the water a red or orange color. In most instances, this is unlikely to pose a significant health risk, but it can make the water taste extremely unpleasant. It may also cause you to experience excessively dry skin. Fortunately, you will be able to correct this problem through the installation of an iron filtration system.

Sudden Increase In Electrical Expenses

In order to function, your well pump will need a steady supply of electricity. If the system is functioning correctly, the monthly energy costs of running it will be fairly stable. However, you may notice that there is a substantial increase in energy costs, and this is often caused by a leak. Supplying your home with sufficient water pressure will require the pump's reservoir to remain full. If there is a leak present, the pump will need to run more often to resupply the tank, which might explain the increase in energy costs. When you notice that the energy costs are higher than normal, you should have the system tested for the presence of a leak. This is done by pressurizing the system and looking for signs of water seeping out.

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18 January 2017

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