Learn What to Do if Your Children Clog Your Toilet With an Unknown Object


Going on vacation without your kids can be great because it gives you time to relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Unfortunately, while you are gone, the children often do things that they normally would not do if you were home. Many parents come home from a weekend away to find that something has gone wrong while they are away.

One common issues parents discover is clogged toilets. The guide below walks you through the steps to take if you come home from vacation to a toilet that simply will not become unclogged.  

Try to Find Out What Went Down the Toilet

The first thing you need to do is talk to your children to find out what was flushed down the toilet. If your children are very young, they may not be able to tell you. If they are older, they should be able to give you an idea of what is clogging the drain. You want to be sure to try to find out what is creating the clog so that you can let a plumber know when he or she comes to your home.

Hire a Plumber

If you do not have any plumbing experience, you should not attempt to unclog the toilet on your own. Depending on what is causing the blockage, you may cause damage to the plumbing. You need to hire a plumber and let them know what the situation is. Knowing that you do not know what is causing the blockage and that it may be from a foreign object allows them to know what to expect when they arrive.

Give the Plumber Plenty of Space and Time

When the plumber arrives, keep your pets and children away from the bathroom where the clogged toilet is located. You want to be sure that the plumber can focus on what he or she is doing so that they can determine what is wrong as quickly as possible. The plumber will assess the situation and let you know what steps must be taken to remove the clog.

Depending on how large the clog is and how far the clog is down the drain, it could take a few minutes to a few hours for the drain to be cleared. The plumber should have all of the tools that they need to do the job with them, but they may have to call in someone with additional tools if they do not have a snake large enough to clear the drain.

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24 February 2017

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