When Is That Plumbing Repair Urgent?


Plumbing repairs will often be high on your list of issues to fix when you have the budget. But what brings a plumbing repair from a priority to an urgent fix? Here are some signs that your plumbing repair is extremely important.

When There's a Leak

The first urgent problem with a plumbing system is leaks. They can release a lot of water into your home in a short amount of time, doing water damage and racking up a tab on your water bill. It's worth calling a plumber out on the same day to shut off water and fix the issue before it gets out of control.

You may notice a leak in may ways. Sometimes, it's obvious if you can see the leak. But if you hear water running continuously in one of your crawl spaces, that could also be a leak. It's especially likely if the plumbing fixtures in the area of the potential leak are behaving strangely. Another way that you can tell when there's a water leak is if your water meter's readings are much higher than normal.

When It's Connected to a Septic System

Plumbing problems present an additional risk when they are connected to a septic system. If your faulty plumbing is flushing excessive amounts of water into your septic system, that could cause the septic tank to overflow. Then you would have not only a plumbing issue on your hands, but also an expensive septic tank cleanup and repair. That makes these types of plumbing problems urgent.

But not so fast: you'll want to make sure that your problem is actually related to plumbing and not to your septic tank. The two can sometimes look similar. A plumbing problem is more localized to the area of a faulty plumbing fixture or a broken pipe. But a septic tank backup would cause many or all of the plumbing fixtures in your home to act up.

When You're Exposed to Sewage

Sometimes a plumbing backup problem leads you being exposed to sewage in your home. An overflowing toilet is a hazard to your health because of the potential pathogens that you can come in contact with. In addition to being a gross problem that you'd probably like to go away quickly, you can certainly consider this a plumbing emergency. When any of these problems emerge, look for an emergency plumber who can make same-day visits to your home, hopefully within the next hour.


28 February 2017

Home Remedies for Plumbing Problems

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