3 Modern Inventions To Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly


Have you ever wondered at how little the typical American bathroom has changed over the past half-century? You still have your basic shower, toilet, and sink. But did you know that with very little trouble, you can now easily add in a couple of gadgets that will make your bathroom elegantly modern while simultaneously saving water? Here are three of these modernizing features.

1. A low-flow showerhead

A decade or two ago, low-flow showerheads were in their infancy and compared poorly to normal flow showerheads. But nowadays you can hardly tell the difference. Low-flow heads are so much better than they used to be that there's no comfort tradeoff at all if you buy a high-quality one. You can even obtain showerheads that come with multiple flow levels so that you can switch over if you want to splurge on an extra-strong hot shower once in a while. And you can save money without a big layout, too; some low-flow showerheads use as little as a half-gallon per minute on the lowest setting (compared to a standard 2.5 gallon per minute head), and you can buy them for just a few dollars. 

2. A bidet

But bidets use more water each time you flush, not less! True. However, a conservative bidet use takes a pint of water (1/8 gallon), which many feel compares favorably to the amount of water used for toilet paper (about 37 gallons per roll). You'd have to get more than 37 times eight uses out of a roll in order to compare to a bidet on water alone. That's 296 uses, meaning you'd need to use considerably less than two sheets per sitting. 

On top of that, using a bidet lets you opt out of the disposable mentality of using a consumable like toilet paper on a daily basis. This helps the environment because you're not supporting the use of trees to manufacture toilet paper every day, the use of fuel to transport toilet paper around the globe every day, and the use of plastic wrapping used to package toilet paper in, among other things.

3. An efficient toilet valve

The old-style (standard?) toilet fill valves work by filling the toilet bowl and tank simultaneously after a flush. When the bowl is full (it typically fills up faster than the tank), the tank keeps filling up while the water that would have gone to the bowl keeps flowing, right down the drain.

Some eco-friendly homeowners find a way to jury-rig their filling valves so that less water is wasted. However, you can skip this step and go straight to replacing your toilet's fill valve with an eco-friendly one that calibrates filling proportions exactly so little, or no water is wasted.

These three modern inventions can help you turn your old-fashioned bathroom into a newfangled, eco-friendly, and luxurious one. For more information, contact your local plumbing and heating contractors.


5 June 2018

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