What's That Smell? Follow Your Nose To Know The Cause Of Foul Plumbing Smells


Imagine stumbling into the bathroom in the early morning hours. You're half awake and fumbling for the faucets on your sink so you can start getting ready for your day. Suddenly a horrible smell wafts its way up the sink drain. Your nose crinkles and you recoil back in horror.

Unfortunately, the scenario described is all too familiar with many that have ever had to deal with sewage odors and other bad smells. Knowing the cause of bad smells emanating from your plumbing system can help you figure out what you need to do to correct the problem.

It's a Trap!

No, really. Your sink's p-trap is a legitimate trap. The curved segment of pipe found under most sinks is called a p-trap and its primary purpose is to trap water. The trapped water stops odors from sewer gas so that it cannot flow up the pipe, out of your drain, and into your home.

However, if you do not use the sink in question very often, the water found in the p-trap can evaporate. Without a water barrier in place, foul smells will start to rise out of the sink drain. If you feel that a sewer smell is coming from one sink rather than all of them, consider running some water.

Running water down the sink for a few moments will restore the barrier. If a dried-out p-trap was the cause of your problem, the sewer odor should eventually dissipate. If, however, the smell persists, contact a plumber to investigate the problem further.

It's Organic!

When you hear the word organic, you probably smile think of healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, organic means something entirely different when referencing foul smells emanating from sink drains. If you notice the smell coming from your kitchen sink, the source is likely organic.

Scraping off bits of food before you put plates, pots, and pans into the sink is a great idea, but it either isn't always done or doesn't always ensure the removal of all food particles. Therefore, bits of food find their way down your sink drain. Eventually, a layer of organic material builds along the drainpipe wall.

All of that decaying and already rotted food creates an awful smell that makes you want to pinch your nose and run away. Rather than letting a bad smell send you running for the hills, contact a professional plumber for assistance. A plumbing expert can rid your home of foul drain smells in no time.

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20 December 2019

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