Advantages of Having Luxury Portable Bathrooms at Your Wedding Venue


When it comes to planning the perfect spring wedding, there are tons of things to consider. While your to-do checklist is likely a mile long, one thing front and center on your checklist is probably guest services: parking, eating areas, and restrooms. If you're having an outdoor wedding, making sure that your guests are able to safely have a clean and pleasant place to use the restroom is vital. Consider luxury portable toilet rental services for your event. Here are some of the advantages of bringing them to your wedding venue. 

1. Fulfills Venue Challenges

Sometimes you find the perfect venue, but challenges arise when it comes to guest accommodations. Reasons could be:

  • There are not enough bathrooms to serve the number of guests attending.
  • Indoor or outdoor plumbing is unavailable because the venue is a barn or outbuilding.
  • The event is remote or outdoors.
  • The bridal party needs a private bathroom area.

Having a portable bathroom trailer or portable toilet rental can make it easier on your guests, and many offer handicap accessibility. Some portable bathroom trailers offer ramps and easy access to guests. They are decorative and functional depending on what style you are looking for. If you want to treat your guests and pamper them a bit, there is a toilet rental option that will fit your needs.  

2. Keeps the Area Clean and Fresh

The goal of having a luxury portable bathroom on-site of your wedding venue is to give guests a fresh and pleasant experience. A toilet rental service will often deliver clean rentals and take care of all of the servicing needs such as soap, paper products and self-cleaning toilets. Some toilet trailer rentals offer decorative accents and aesthetic amenities. The units provide a homey, sometimes upscale feel with wall art and matching decor to create a comforting and appeasing environment for wedding guests. When choosing a rental company, tell them what your specific needs are. This will help them during the setup process to ensure your needs are being met. 

3. You Have a Budget Options

Whether you just need a couple of small toilet rentals or you need several portable toilet trailers set up among the venue, most companies will accommodate your budget needs. Many offer multiple sinks or hand sanitizing stations to help keep everything clean and sanitary, so you don't have to worry about buying these and bringing them in. Some luxury units have coat racks, showers, and private stalls to deliver exactly what your bridal party or guests need. While these units may cost more, it can still be cost comparative to what most upscale venues offer. 

The last thing you should worry about on your big day is guests scrambling to find a clean bathroom. Contact portable toilet rental services to learn more.


24 March 2020

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