Got Brown Water? Your Faucet May Be To Blame


Brown water can happen for a wide variety of reasons, but if it's only coming out of one tap in your house, there's a good chance that a faucet repair is required. Here's what you should know about this brown water, its safety, and what you need to do to get it fixed.

Why Brown?

For most people, seeing brown water coming out of the tap is downright disgusting. It gives the impression that the water is contaminated - possibly with sewage - and most people will avoid using the water entirely. However, you may be glad to know that this is almost never the case.

Brown water usually looks that way because metals are starting to degrade in your faucet. The interior lining of your faucet likely contains iron and other metals, and if the faucet starts to corrode, these metals can begin to break down and get emulsified into the water that's coming out of the faucet. This is why the color and sometimes the smell of the water changes.

Is It Safe?

In most situations, brown water is actually safe to use. You can definitely wash your hands with it, and it usually is even safe to drink. However, you should contact a plumber to be certain before you attempt to drink the water. Your plumber will be able to perform a quick test on the water supply to determine if it's contaminated with anything dangerous. For now, stick with using the other faucets in your house.

What to Do

The best solution for this problem is to call a plumber to check the water and to fix the problem entirely. In most cases, this means replacing the faucet.

Your plumber will test the water first to determine where the contamination is coming from. They'll also check all the other taps in your house to ensure that they aren't also contaminated, as the iron level may simply be low enough that it hasn't changed the color yet. In some cases, water heaters can start to corrode, or pipes can corrode, leading to this problem. So this will let your plumber determine if your faucet or something else is to blame.

If the faucet is the problem, the best solution is to replace the faucet entirely. This should immediately revert it back to your old water quality, where it's clean, crisp, and safe to consume. So call a plumber now for safety's sake.


28 April 2020

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