The Top Times To Hire A Commercial Plumbing Contractor For An Inspection


When should you schedule a commercial plumbing inspection? If you're a first-time business property owner, take a look at the top times to hire a commercial plumbing contractor for this preventive service.

When You Buy or Lease a New Piece of Property

What plumbing problems will you inherit? Before you sign a contract, contact a plumber for a professional inspection. Poorly installed pipes, leaks, and other issues can seriously affect your business. Not only do plumbing-related problems have the potential to cost you money, but they can make your commercial space unsafe for customers and employees.

Even though some plumbing issues (such as an exposed cracked pipe) are obvious to the untrained eye, others may hide behind walls. If you don't know what to look for or where to look, you might miss a problem.

Along with spotting plumbing problems, the commercial plumbing contractor can also recommend a repair or replacement. A pre-purchase (or pre-lease) estimate provides you with a better idea of how much you'll need to invest initially.

When You Need Preventative Maintenance

Did your commercial space's plumbing system pass the initial inspection with flying colors? Even though it was pristine (or at least in working order) a year ago, wear and tear or excessive use may have strained the system. Preventative inspections can catch minor plumbing problems before they grow or become costly issues.

Ideally, you should schedule a plumbing inspection annually with the same contractor. This allows the contractor to compare this years' inspection with previous services. If your commercial space's plumbing system required repairs over the past year, the contractor can re-check these areas during an inspection. While this isn't always necessary, it's an added bonus of annual service.

When You Start and Finish a Construction Project

Are you making major changes to your new commercial space? A pre-construction inspection provides vital information about the building's system. You may find plumbing issues you didn't know about or learn more about pipes hidden inside of the walls. If the demolition or construction phases will impact the building's plumbing, an inspection can guide the project and keep everyone safe.

You may also need to schedule a post-construction inspection. This type of plumbing inspection reveals unresolved issues and may help you to comply with local building codes. If your area's codes for commercial structures require a specific type of inspection (or a specific inspector), your plumbing contractor can review potential red flags before the municipal or local inspection.

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29 May 2020

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