Step down from the Throne: Signs It's Time for a New Toilet


Toilets are receptacles for waste, and as such, they don't tend to get as much attention as the rest of your plumbing. You're more likely to look closely at a shower head that is struggling than at a toilet that is acting strange. Nevertheless, failing to replace a toilet when a new toilet is needed can lead to excess water use, clogs, and overflows. So as a homeowner, it's important to know the signs that your toilet is ready to step down from its throne.

1. It's from the 1990s.

Toilets from the 1990s were made well, and many are still working. However, these toilets are absolute water hogs in comparison to the ones made in the 2000s and later! If you have one of these older toilets, replacing it is a move that will pay for itself in a few short years, thanks to the reduced water bills you'll experience.

2. It has excessive surface scratches.

A couple of scratches here and there won't stop the toilet from functioning. However, the scratches will trap dirt and bacteria, making it harder for you to keep the toilet clean. If your toilet is starting to look pretty scratched, replacing it is the most sanitary option.

3. There are a lot of mineral deposits.

This problem is especially common in homes with hard water. You may notice minerals built up around the toilet's jets (which are located under the rim of the seat.) You may also see mineral buildup around the main drain pipe or even in the toilet tank. This buildup can eventually cause the jets to clog. Since excessive mineral buildup is really tough to remove, your best bet is to replace the toilet. 

4. Exterior leaks.

When a toilet is leaking from the tank directly into the bowl, this issue can often be fixed by replacing the flapper or one of the other small, inexpensive parts inside the toilet tank. However, if a toilet is leaking onto the floor, it is often due to a crack in either the tank or bowl. Fixing cracked ceramic is a lot of work, and your plumber will likely recommend replacing the toilet as a cheaper option.

Toilets last a long time, but they do not last forever. Contact a local plumbing service if you suspect it's time for a new toilet. They can show you the latest models and give you some quotes. 


4 August 2020

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