Is Your Plumbing Ready For The Upcoming Winter?


While many people relish the colder temperatures, especially at the end of such a hot and unpredictable summer, the winter months bring with them their own challenges. Not only can the cold be uncomfortable, but it can be downright dangerous if your house is not prepared. The number one area that winter will target your home is through your plumbing, which is why it is so important you utilize home winterization services before the frost really settles in. Here are how those winterization services can protect your house. 

Examining And Turning Off External Pipes

The biggest concern when it comes to winter and your plumbing is that the water in the pipes will freeze and then expand, cracking the pipes themselves. External pipes are more susceptible to this, which means they need to be completely emptied and, preferably, shut off for the winter. Considering that very few plants grow during this time, this will not have too much of a negative impact on your local ecosystem. The other option would be to risk thousands of dollars in damage to your sprinklers and external taps, which is something no one wants to find out they have to pay when spring starts to hit. 

Insulating Pipes

While the heat of your home does a lot to keep your internal pipes from freezing over, this can still happen, especially in older homes. Frozen water in pipes is one of the most insufferable experiences to go through, so home winterization services take no chances and will insulate pipes that may be in danger of freezing over to keep them flowing. This is a time-consuming process, so it is a good idea to book your plumber well in advance. It can also reveal more problems, such as issues with your current insulation, all of which need to be patched before winter.

The Gutters

It is always a good idea to clean out your gutters whenever you can. In summer, clogged gutters can pose a fire risk, as the leaves and twigs turn out to be perfect kindling when dry. However, in winter these same annoying little pieces of debris can freeze and block water, which will then also freeze and start to weigh your roof down. If your gutters fail due to weight from frozen water, then it can lead to water getting inside your roof or building structure, which would be disastrous in winter. 



26 October 2020

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