Major Signs Your Well Pump Is Malfunctioning And Needs Fixing


Well water is an alternative to municipal water since it's free and the supply is reliable. This water is used to meet different household needs, water plants, rear livestock, and construction, among other uses. If you have a well on your property, you should maintain it often and ensure the well pump is functional to avoid having water problems. Well pumps can become faulty and will need more attention than the well. This is the reason your plumber will instruct you to service the pump regularly, regardless of the best brand, size, or type. It would help if you knew some symptoms that indicate your pump is malfunctioning and need repairs. The following are the common signs that you need to contact your technician to fix your well pump.

You Don't Have Water

If you open your tap or faucet and realize you don't have water, you should first check the pump before you consider well repair. Unfortunately, most people start thinking their well isn't deep enough, or the water supply has run out. But if your water needs haven't changed, you should get a technician to check the pump. Perhaps the pump doesn't have power, the fuse is blown, or the wiring or control panel is faulty. Also, the power source could be inadequate, so get an electrician to fix that. If the wiring isn't faulty and you have enough power, you will need a plumber to examine the piping system for any damage or leaks.

You Have Noticed the Water Pressure Is Fluctuating

Another clear sign that your pump isn't functioning optimally is water pressure fluctuations. If you experience this issue, call your water service technician right away so they can check the pump and verify if it's functional. Perhaps the motor is failing and causing the water pressure variation. Don't be tempted to ignore the water pressure issues, which could lead to a lack of water.

You See Odd Coloration

Although well water comes from deep in the earth, it's usually crystal clear. Immediately once you notice some form of odd coloration, you should get the pump checked out. The discoloration is usually caused by soil, rust, dirt, or other contaminants. Once that is done, you can also ask the technician to check the entire well system. Water tests can be done too to ensure your family and livestock remain safe and healthy.

Making an effort to maintain your well pump regularly and getting a technician to repair it when you notice signs of problems will ensure you have a constant supply of clean water. You will also save money when repairs are done right away and avoid replacement.


25 February 2021

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