Telltale Signs Of Main Sewer Line Clogging


Few things are as inconveniencing as dealing with a blocked drain; it's even more bothersome of the affected drain is the main sewer line. In fact, a blockage in the main sewer line can put your household to a standstill until it is repaired. Here are some of the telltale signs that should tell you your main sewer line has a problem: All Drains Affected If your main sewer line is clogged, then all of the drains in your house will be affected.

26 September 2018

Did You Just Inherit A Home? Consider Installing A New Heating Furnace Before Selling


Inheriting a home is often a surprising situation for people, particularly if they didn't know the person who gave it to them that well. Of course, there's a chance a home might end up being a money pit and being hardly worth the cost. Thankfully, a new furnace can improve a home's value and make it worth more when you try to sell it. The Furnace Won't Last Forever Even though furnaces are designed to last up to and even over 20 years, there's still a good chance that the one in your inherited home might be about to fail.

28 August 2018

Drain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid


If you have a slowed drain, then it may be best to skip the drain cleaning chemicals. After all, these fluids can actually cause significant damage to your pipes and leaks. It is wise to seek out professional assistance or make your own drain cleaning solution instead. There are a few mistakes that you want to avoid when making up a DIY cleaner. Keep reading to learn about a few. Using A Water Sprayer

4 August 2018

When You Should Hire A Plumber Or DIY


When it comes to owning a home, there are some things that are worth putting on your big boy (or girl) pants and doing yourself. However, there are other things that are better left up to the professionals. This article will list a few plumbing issues that you can try to do on your own and others where you should hire a professional plumber to lend a hand (and a wrench). Sounds like something you're interested in?

19 July 2018

Why You Should Rent Portable Toilets For Your Holiday Barbecue


If you're planning to throw an amazing holiday barbecue, there are so many things to plan out. The food is likely going to be the star of the show, but there are a lot of other components to think about as well. Great music and an eclectic guest list are definite must-haves, but you have to consider the practical needs of your attendees as well. Do you have adequate bathroom accommodations for the number of people you're inviting to the party?

25 June 2018

3 Modern Inventions To Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly


Have you ever wondered at how little the typical American bathroom has changed over the past half-century? You still have your basic shower, toilet, and sink. But did you know that with very little trouble, you can now easily add in a couple of gadgets that will make your bathroom elegantly modern while simultaneously saving water? Here are three of these modernizing features. 1. A low-flow showerhead A decade or two ago, low-flow showerheads were in their infancy and compared poorly to normal flow showerheads.

5 June 2018

Top Reasons To Hire A Licensed Plumber To Install Your New Water Heater


The time will come when the water heater in a home wears out and needs to be replaced. While it is technically possible for a homeowner to install a new hot water heater on their own, it is not recommended. If you need a new hot water heater installed, your best bet is to hire a licensed plumber to do the job. Some of the top reasons to hire a licensed plumber to install a hot water heater include the following.

13 May 2018

Are You Fighting With An Annoying Clogged Drain In Your Home? Try These DIY Solutions For A Fix


Clogged drains are a constant annoyance for homeowners — even washing your hands can turn into a headache when your bathroom sink isn't draining quickly enough. Thankfully, there are a few ways that homeowners can attempt to unclog the drain themselves. If you have a plumbing fixture that drains slowly, try out these methods before you call a professional to fix the problem. Try Hot Water First for a Simple Solution

22 April 2018

When Is That Plumbing Repair Urgent?


Plumbing repairs will often be high on your list of issues to fix when you have the budget. But what brings a plumbing repair from a priority to an urgent fix? Here are some signs that your plumbing repair is extremely important. When There's a Leak The first urgent problem with a plumbing system is leaks. They can release a lot of water into your home in a short amount of time, doing water damage and racking up a tab on your water bill.

28 February 2017

A Quick And Easy Way To Test For Toilet Tank Leaks


A leaky toilet tank may not initially seem like a big deal. It runs a bit more often and uses a little more water. Over time, however, leaks have a tendency to grow larger, and before you know it, your toilet is wasting hundreds of gallons of water each month! So, how do you know if your toilet has a leak? Follow these instructions to find out -- and then keep reading to learn what you can do about a leak.

24 February 2017