Learn What to Do if Your Children Clog Your Toilet With an Unknown Object


Going on vacation without your kids can be great because it gives you time to relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Unfortunately, while you are gone, the children often do things that they normally would not do if you were home. Many parents come home from a weekend away to find that something has gone wrong while they are away. One common issues parents discover is clogged toilets.

24 February 2017

Common Problems Well Pumps Might Experience


Water well pumps are devices that face near constant use. This extensive use can lead to these devices experiencing some issues that could cause disruptions for your house. To be prepared to limit the disruptions that these problems might cause, you will want to ensure you are thoroughly informed about several of the problems that well pumps will be more likely to experience. Low Water Pressure Low water pressure can be a common problem for older well systems.

18 January 2017

Tips For Keeping The Office Bathroom Looking Professional


If you have an office, there is a good chance that you only have one or two bathrooms for everyone in the office to use. These bathrooms could have multiple stalls, but regardless, with many people there over an eight to twelve hour period the bathroom is going to start looking a little bit worse for the wear. This could be a problem if this is also the bathroom that you expect your clients to use.

19 December 2016

3 Plumbing Tips For The Winter


The early days of winter often bring visions of snowmen, ice angels and perhaps some holiday cheer but if you are a homeowner, winter can also bring a headache in the form of potential plumbing problems. If you want to avoid issues like frozen pipes during the coming cold season, you'll want to take some preventative measures to make sure your home is prepared. Here are 3 plumbing tasks you should tackle before winter arrives.

18 December 2016

Insulating Your Pipes For Winter: How Plumbing Services Handle It


If you are heading away from the arctic winds and the blowing snow this year, do not leave without insulating your pipes. Check first to make sure your plumbing has adequate insulation. If you are not sure what to look for, hire a plumber. These types of plumbing services will be handled in the following way. Examining the Pipes All of your pipes that run close to the foundation or run out of the house need to be closely examined.

15 December 2016

Water Heater Issues: How To Know When There Are Problems


Over time, your water heater may require some maintenance. There are some tell tale signs that your water heater could be broken or in need of attention. The following are some symptoms to look for that can indicate a problem with your water heater and how to know when it is time to repair or replace your unit: Issues With Temperature If there are major fluctuations with your water temperature and you did not manually adjust it yourself, chances are there is a problem with the thermostat.

14 December 2016

Just Bought A Home? What You Need To Know About The HVAC System


First of all, congratulations on your purchase! It's a huge and exciting step in your life. You are going to be very busy with unpacking, exploring the new neighborhood and maybe even throwing housewarming parties; however, it is important that you take the time to look at an important component of your new home: the heating and cooling system. This feature may seem to run fine, but it is one that needs regular maintenance in order to continue to run efficiently.

14 December 2016

How To Do An Emergency Repair On A Burst Water Pipe Going To The Sink


Subfreezing temperatures can easily freeze water pipes and cause them to break. Eventually, the pipes will thaw either because the temperature warms up a little or you have placed a space heater in the area where the pipes have become frozen. Once the water starts to run, you may find that ice in a pipe has broken it. You'll have to shut the water off again until you can get a plumber over to fix the pipe.

13 December 2016

Why Your Toilet Is Leaking—And What You Can Do To Fix It


If you constantly find moisture around your toilet, you probably have a leaky toilet on your hands. Check out some of the most common reasons your toilet is leaking and what you can do to fix them. 1. Your Wax Ring Needs to Be Replaced The wax ring seals the connection between your toilet and its drain; it also prevents the formation of mold around the drain and the accumulation of bacteria.

12 December 2016

The Guests Will Be Arriving Soon: 4 Steps To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies During The Holidays


The holidays are stressful enough without tossing plumbing problems into the mix. The last thing you want to deal with is a plumbing emergency while you have a house full of guests. Unfortunately, if you prepare in advance, that's exactly what you might end up with. Don't let plumbing emergencies ruin your holiday festivities. Here are four steps you should take to get plumbing ready for the holidays. Clean the Drains

9 December 2016