Five Ways To Prevent Hidden Leaks In Your New Home


When building your new home, take some proactive steps in the planning phases to prevent future plumbing leaks from causing any issues. 1. Water Softener Installation Hard water can lead to leaks in the walls or other hidden areas. This is because the residue builds up inside the pipes, leading to blockages in the pipe. These blockages than lead to leaks at pipe joints or even in a burst pipe. For homes with metal pipes, the hard minerals can actually cause corrosion and holes in the pipes.

17 December 2020

Buying A Home With A Septic System? Some Questions You May Have


If you have not previously owned a home that had a septic system, then you may have no clue as to what you should expect in terms of maintenance and upkeep with a home that has one. Homes with septic systems do have needs that are somewhat different than homes that run off of city water systems. So, if you are looking at a home that has a septic system, it is a good idea to ensure you are equipped with the right information before you go through with your purchase to ensure it is what you want.

17 November 2020

Is Your Plumbing Ready For The Upcoming Winter?


While many people relish the colder temperatures, especially at the end of such a hot and unpredictable summer, the winter months bring with them their own challenges. Not only can the cold be uncomfortable, but it can be downright dangerous if your house is not prepared. The number one area that winter will target your home is through your plumbing, which is why it is so important you utilize home winterization services before the frost really settles in.

26 October 2020

Plumbing Upgrades: Notice These Problems Before It's Too Late


When you bought your home, you likely knew that at some point you would need to replace certain things and upgrade others, especially if you bought a "fixer-upper." Certain systems in your home need to be intact to ensure that your home is protected against structural damage. Your plumbing system may be a portion of your home that you rarely give thought to unless you notice a problem. You may even dismiss the problem as a minor inconvenience.

1 October 2020

4 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring A Drain Cleaning Company


Many homeowners don't even think about hiring a professional drain cleaning company until they're facing a totally clogged drain. In reality, it's not a bad idea to have preventative drain cleaning performed on occasion. Still, if you need to hire a drain cleaning company to deal with a clogged drain in your home, there are a few questions you'll want to ask to determine whether the company is a good fit for your needs.

4 August 2020

Step down from the Throne: Signs It's Time for a New Toilet


Toilets are receptacles for waste, and as such, they don't tend to get as much attention as the rest of your plumbing. You're more likely to look closely at a shower head that is struggling than at a toilet that is acting strange. Nevertheless, failing to replace a toilet when a new toilet is needed can lead to excess water use, clogs, and overflows. So as a homeowner, it's important to know the signs that your toilet is ready to step down from its throne.

4 August 2020

A Homeowner's Guide To A Screeching Water Heater


Water heaters can make a variety of noises, from harmless trickling sounds to loud pops. The most alarming sound, though, is when a high pitched screech comes out of the heater. This noise generally only happens when you are using hot water, such as when taking a shower or washing the dishes. The following guide can help you determine the cause and find a solution. Cause Every hot water heater is equipped with a pressure relief valve.

2 July 2020

The Top Times To Hire A Commercial Plumbing Contractor For An Inspection


When should you schedule a commercial plumbing inspection? If you're a first-time business property owner, take a look at the top times to hire a commercial plumbing contractor for this preventive service. When You Buy or Lease a New Piece of Property What plumbing problems will you inherit? Before you sign a contract, contact a plumber for a professional inspection. Poorly installed pipes, leaks, and other issues can seriously affect your business.

29 May 2020

Got Brown Water? Your Faucet May Be To Blame


Brown water can happen for a wide variety of reasons, but if it's only coming out of one tap in your house, there's a good chance that a faucet repair is required. Here's what you should know about this brown water, its safety, and what you need to do to get it fixed. Why Brown? For most people, seeing brown water coming out of the tap is downright disgusting. It gives the impression that the water is contaminated - possibly with sewage - and most people will avoid using the water entirely.

28 April 2020

Advantages of Having Luxury Portable Bathrooms at Your Wedding Venue


When it comes to planning the perfect spring wedding, there are tons of things to consider. While your to-do checklist is likely a mile long, one thing front and center on your checklist is probably guest services: parking, eating areas, and restrooms. If you're having an outdoor wedding, making sure that your guests are able to safely have a clean and pleasant place to use the restroom is vital. Consider luxury portable toilet rental services for your event.

24 March 2020